Trust the process.

The organization has had the privilege of serving individuals who choose to face addiction. The following information has been collected to help our community appreciate the challenge of treatment. 2nd & 4th quarter of 2018.

Client treatment questionnaires reported the treatment environment as beneficial.

Strongly agree - 84
Neutral - 15%
Strongly disagree - 0%

A random sample of 87 individuals in MAT treatment self-reported on the severity of dependency scale, scores indicating the following:

*All began treatment at severe dependency

0-3 = negligible dependence (70 people)
4-6 = mild dependency (13 people)
7-9 = moderate dependency (1 person)
10-12 = substantial dependency (1 person)
13-15 = severe dependency (2 people)

Keep in mind the recovery process is gradual and improvements enhance family, community and the work place.

Counseling Attendance averaged 83% for the first three quarters!