Garland Treatment Center offers a full range of outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs.

        **To set an appointment, call between the hours of 7 am to 3 pm.**

Outpatient and education services provided in Suite 103.

Acceptable forms of payment: cash, money order and credit card (credit card must have your name on it to be used at time of appt). 

Drug/Alcohol Evaluation - Bring referral

One appointment$60 / $100 out of state

Individual Counseling (Supportive Outpatient Counseling)16 weeks, 1 time each week+ 1 hour of Self Help Support groups per week.
$80 *
Group Counseling (Supportive Outpatient Counseling)16 weeks, 1 time each week, 2 hour interval$40 *
DWI Education (TDSHS Approved)12 Hours$70
Urine Screening for Preemploymentn/a$50
Narcotic Treatment Pgrm.
Lic. # 0000037

Suite 102
Weekly medication and counseling
Hours for dosing :
Mon-Fri 7 am-10 am
Saturday 7 am-9 am
* Intake fee $150.00
* Weekly fee starting at $80.00 per week
Drug Offender Education (TDSHS Approved)15 Hour Course$90.

* Price is per class. Please call or email us to make an appointment.


Garland DWIE 575 ~ Driving While Intoxicated Education

No longer offered.

Garland DOEP 821 ~ Drug Offender Education Program
5 Day Class ~ 15 hours
~ $90.00 fee 2018

To be determined..
If our schedule doesn't meet your needs you may utilize this website to find other providers:

SOP (Supportive Outpatient Program) ~ 16 week program - 2 hours weekly
OPTION FOR GROUP / + INDIVIDUAL Session 1x monthly

1. $60 - Orientation Fee made by appt.
2. $40/group - 2 hrs/week in group ~ Saturday
$80/individual - 1 hour per week & AA/NA mtg.
3. $80 - 1x per month Individual (If group is chosen)
4. $20 - workbook (1x fee)
5. $20 - 1x per month random UA drug screen